Dr. Fatima Zohra

Radiology Consultant

Doctor Timetable

Saturday To Thursday


  • 5 years experience as Consultant radiologist in Lariboisiere hospital specialized in orthopedic and osteo-articular disease and B-Cochin hospital in France.
  • 5 years experience in Benzerjeb Hospital Oran Algeria.

Perfect control of the handling of the Radiological apparatuses:
Ultrasound with its various probes 3. 5 MHZ, 5 MHZ and 7.5 MHZ.

At Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib’s polyclinic we have:

Abdominal US. Pelvic US.
Trans-rectal US. Soft-tissues US .
Thyroid and Neck US. Breast US.
Arterial and Venous US. Gynecology and Obstetrical US.

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