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Our Doctors

Dr. Mohamad Zbeib

Consultant in Internal Medicine

Dr. Ameen Zebeib

Consultant Orthodontic

Dr. Dima Takruri

Associate Specialist

Dr. Haitham Afou Jichi

Oral & Dental Surgery

Dr. Siraj Muringoly


Dr. Magdy Ibrahim

General Practitioner

Dr. Mohammad Zaki Asha

Consultant in Internal Medicine

Dr. Mayssa Osman

Microbiology Specialist

Dr. Tina Ann John

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Radwa Sameh

Pediatrician and neonatology

Dr. Asmaa Bettaibi

Associate specialist

Dr. Fatima Zohra

Radiology consultant

Dr. Inaam Kreikeri